Sell my business, start from zero, but one important thing I’ve learned.

One years ago I didn’t expect I write the contents in English.
Life is rapidly changing around me and even faster.

Recently I started selling the main business.
It’s websites I’ve created for last 3 years.

I would like to share my experience and important learning from them.

Nomad as a symbol of freedom

Let’s me explain my background.

I’m working as a nomad.
Nomad is a person who work remotely, free of time and location.

When I was working for a company I was starved for the freedom of life.
I wanted to change my life.
Once decided to be a nomad I started to save money.

I quit the job and started to work by myself with some amount of saving.
Since the budget is so tight, I was working at university, pretending to be a students, to save the living expense.

It was most challenging period in my lifetime.
I was literary “hungry”.
Ate whatever possible.

Thanks to the hardworking at that time, I could achieve the ability to run business online.

Why I decided to sell my online business?

My main cash flow is from websites.

I was doing affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is to get commission by introducing the product.
It means

1) get traffic
2) introduce product
3) customer buy it
4) get commission (money)

Benefit of this business model is easy to automate the business.
Once I create the profitable website, it keeps working for me with small maintenance cost.

When I enter the affiliate business there was still chance.
But now the market is changing.
Everyone can create the great contents and I no longer passionate about this business model.

From web marketer to business creator

“What do you do?”

It’s hard question for me to answer.

-Web marketer?
-Nomad worker?

Every definition of words doesn’t 100% fit myself.
I actually do anything from business ideation to execution, design, sales, marketing, monetization etc.

My business style is not as cool as stereotypical entrepreneur.
I’ve sold curry rice at the local market in Thailand.
It means as long as finding business chance I’ll take whatever.

Therefore I like to call myself “business creator”.

Time is the most precious

I asked the agency to list and sell my websites.
Some sites are successfully sold, some are on the lists.
I’m glad someone take care my websites and they are living somewhere on the internet.

It’s time to retire as an affiliator.
Instead of constant cashflow, I gain the full of time and some amount of money for the survival.

I’ve not felt freedom of work for years.
The more I start new things, the busier I become.

Selling the previous business becomes kind of detox for me.

Become zero, but experience is here

I’m creating the new business from zero base.
Initial cashflow is not so large.

I’m going to work as hard as I freshly started my career as business owner.
As long as focusing on the important things I can achieve the goal.

Zero is great situation to start something new.
You can 100% commit for the project.

Even though you lose everything, what you’ve learned is with you.
It means your personality, experience, know-how.

Therefore I’m always positive for my future to stay at such a beautiful life.



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