The reason why I’m still consistent on the app development for 6 years even after 3 times failures.

Do you remember of your dream when you are a college student?

When I come up with the idea of PotluckMeet, which is app I’m developing, it was the last year of the university life.
Already 6 years has passed!

To be honest it’s too long to complete the project.
If it’s normal project, it’s should be completed in a few months.

Because I failed the project 3 times.

I had nothing

When I graduated from the university I didn’t have money, skill, experience, knowledge, connection, time etc.

And I really needed the freedom of life.
Go out of the cage (company) and became wild cat “nomad worker”.

When I get to make stable cash flow, I started the development of the app.
Instead of coding by myself I hired freelance engineer.

At that time I didn’t know nothing.
I trusted as long as they are Japanese engineers.

Learning from the failure

I failed the project several times.
But I’m still thinking it’s like paying tuition fee for learning.

After hiring three engineers I noticed the project is too costly to fix.
I gave up the project and decided to start from the beginning.

Thanks to the experience I asked other people for help.
Learn about the development and brushed up the mockup seriously.

It’s my goal!

Most of people may give up if they cannot achive what they want even after 5 years.
The reason why I’m still thinking of the app is quite simple.

“Because I decided.”

There is no logical reasoning, but it’s enough.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

I’m a heavily believer of Napolon Hill.
100% trust myself and I’ve already achieved whatever I want.

What I exactly want is only in my mind

PotluckMeet is a matching service to find people to eat together.

There are alrady a lot of app and services related to mathing and food.
But for 6 years I couldn’t find the exactly same service which I really want to make.

Therefore I want to launch and see the impact of the app.

Consider your whole life

How long are you going to live in your life time?

When I see myself from the end of my life, there is no other choice but complete the project.
I never leave any regret like “If I did something at that moment…”.

I’m going to die because I did everything I want.

Found engineer!

One good news.

I contracted with an engineer.
My girlfriend help me to find him (Thank you so much as always).

If the project progress smoothly, PotluckMeet will be in life in the next March.

You can see the detail of PotluckMeet here.

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